Sunday, May 8, 2011

Italian Renaissance Robe (Black and Gold, of course)

This black overdress/robe is made from a polyester doeskin suede that is a bit easier to wear in hotter climates (did I mention I live in the Houston area?)  The dress is reversible to to a beautiful purple.

The design is a typical high-waisted split-front overgown designed to be worn over a dress.  I've used an antique clasp for effect but placed two heavy dress hooks underneath to carry the strain. A hoopskirt is optional, but does help with the weight of the skirt. The pattern was an adaptation of a Medival Miscellany pattern.

The sleeves are tie-on, open top black and gold velvet trimmed with gold lace and black/gold rose buttons.  The shoulder rolls are built from four separate trims sewn together. 

I have draped a black and gold gauzy shawl across the back to add a bit more drama.

Front View

Back View

Shoulder Roll and Sleeve Detail

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