Sunday, May 8, 2011

I mugged a Gryffindor

My true favorite color combinaton may be black and gold, but I do get very weak in the knees over red or burgundy and gold.  A friend who saw my fabric horde asked if I had mugged a Gryffindor!

The fabric to the right is a gorgeous burgundary and gold silk sari. If you live in the Houston area, the shops at I-59 and Hillcroft and the shops on Harwin carry beautiful saris and other fabrics.  The burgundy and gold brocade to the  left is a spoil from a fabric merchant at an SCA Gulf War.  They both rest of a lovely length of burgundy doeskin suede (poor man's velvet).
Still not certain what to make with these - I have sketches for a gown and a robe.  Of course I do need some new bedcurtains for my four-poster!

Dragon's Horde!

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