Monday, May 30, 2011

Bustle- ing About

Simplicity 2207 - I bought this for the bustle pattern.  Now, at first glance, the pattern piece looks like it is upside down.

Straight across the bottom and one side (center back) and curved at the top (marked waistline).  You cut two and seam at center back, then gather on either side of this seam.  So you now have a curved top and a curved bottom.  You gather the curved top (marked waistline) to the waistband - after applying trim, etc.  I am assuming the ties on the waistband go to the back where they can be tucked into the skirt or hidden by the jacket.

Actually pretty simple to make and hangs nicely - gives the hips a bit of bulk that looks good for this style. 

Now, this is a short bustle.  I decided to add a few things to make it my own.  If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have no hesitation in cutting apart clothes for their bits and pieces.  I happened to have half of a short black lace skirt and a shorter black lace overlay.  I attached the black lace skirt under the bustle and the lace overlay on top.  I like the layered effect.

Looking at clothes as simply pieces that I can reconfigure certainly adds a new dimension to my shopping trips. 

Ross is always a happy hunting ground for me.  I bought a gorgeous size 8 strapless silver gray evening dress just for the lovely bubble skirt.  The price was right- $9.95. I saw a super-cute bustle.  It took me about five minutes to rip open the back seam, gather the sides and pin on some trim.
Still trying to decide what type of waist closure to use.  Most bustles have long ties that wrap around the waist at least once, but I don't like the bulk.

Have fun with all this stuff!  Remember when you used to play dress-up?  You still can.  And if someone tells you to grow up, tell them you did!

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