Saturday, May 14, 2011

Always a Bridesmaid - What to do with the ugly dress

There they are - languishing on the racks of thrift stores everywhere - those what-were-they-thinking bridesmaid and mob/mog gowns.

Sometimes you get lucky - this one was black with no silly decorations and a $10 price tag. The top is an embroidered tone on tone brocade that doesn't suck and thankfully the skirt is unadorned.  The short sleeves could be a problem - but there are remedies.  And - there are no shoulder pads to remove!

I am thinking this could work for a quick Victorian day or evening look.   The dress fits nicely, although it tends to hang off the shoulders a bit, but this could be an advantage.

Front view

Back view
The back has two nicely done satin roses and two long hanging tails.   I look at these as extra material - maybe for lengthening the sleeves.

I collect vintage-looking shawls so I pulled out a few that might work.  Paisley, roses, beading, and tassels are Victorian motifs.  I wanted to soften the neck and sleeve lines.

Silver-gray chiffon with embroidery, beadwork, tassels

Openwork beads and tassels
Black and silver paisley
Black and silver paisley detail
Black lace with embroidered roses and tassels

Chiffon with silver paisley and silver tassels

I like the back view

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