Monday, May 30, 2011

The Frankenstein Skirt

My bad!  I didn't take any before pictures but I think my explanations will suffice.

I had a cheap costume-taffeta black skirt - very unremarkable.  It fit, but was a little snug.  I wanted to add something to the waist band that would make it more comfortable. I split open the back seam and took out the zipper.

I also had a pretty ugly black and white formal that was too small.  The top was cheesy, but the bottom was composed of several rows of scalloped organza.

Inspiration struck!  I cut off the skirt and started playing with gathering the waistband to fit the gap in the waistband of the taffeta skirt.  Gathering didn't work - to bulky.  I think started experimenting with pleats.  That worked perfectly.  I added about an inch and a half on each side since I might want to wear the skirt over a couple of layers.  I sewed each side of the organza skirt to the taffeta skirt, leaving about an 18" opening on one side which I will close with hooks, Velcro, or safety pins.  The large opening will help when I want to pull the skirt on over my head.

So, I have about 36" of scalloped organza tiers gathered in to about 6" at the top and flowing nice down to the hem.  The bustle effect is gorgeous.  Can't wait to wear this one!

Pictures to come soon.

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