Sunday, May 15, 2011

Christmas Anytime

#9 method to get people to stare at you while shopping - tie a Christmas tree skirt around your neck.  They will move far, far away....all the better for you to get your hands on some neat stuff.

Seriously, you have never used Christmas stuff as or on clothing?  It is really a lot of fun and cheap.

Back to the tree skirts - I was shopping at Walmart after Christmas and thought I would look at the decorations.  My color scheme is black, white, silver, and gray and sometimes I get lucky. That year Walmart carried a line of black velvet tree skirts, stockings, and ornaments.  And, yes, I managed to clear the aisle when I tried on the black velvet tree skirt.

I added the fake fur collar.  But it is the back view that makes this $2 find a rare gem.
That is a beautiful tree outlined in black beads. I apologize for the lighting.

Not bad for a quick Victorian mantle - and no sewing required.

Here is my other find - this time at a Garden Ridge Pottery for $1.  I have added the purple trim (reclaimed from another garment).  I love the peacock colors and the hint of feathers in the back view.

Front view
Back View

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